ASTA (Aero-Science Technology Associates) know "how to do it" and "who" can help you. ASTA offers extensive strength in performing the Chief Engineer design review function, extensive planning experience linking technical and business areas, and R&D effectiveness planning providing business payoff.
Established in March of 2002, ASTA is comprised of Experienced Aerospace Technical and Management Specialists with over 120 years of combined service in the aerospace industry. ASTA offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Aero-Sciences, Program Management and Organizational Management and Development within one organization. ASTA's membership includes Dr. Kenneth Rosen, Thomas Sheehy, William Harper and Thomas Dannenhoffer.
Each member served in Technical and Senior Management Leadership Roles for aerospace divisions of a major corporation. Each has a unique combination of background, relationships and skills to solve challenging problems and to develop innovative solutions. Whether you are a Government Organization looking to oversee or review a contractor's efforts, or an aerospace contractor looking to form a high performance team or make inroads into a new customer base, ASTA can help.
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